آخر التدوينات

Quail Information / معلومات عن طائر السمان .

Quail is a small bird species of birds chicken is the only one among the chickens, which has the ability to fly, migration, and is considered quail pet, which is acquired in addition to the preference of many people raising quail because the meat delicacy in addition to eggs, today we offer some information for quail in addition to explain some details about the method of breeding quail.Quail is a small bird that live all over the world, especially in the forests and places that are spread by the trees and there are more than 15 different species of quail appearance varies quail depending on the environment in which they live, but in general it can be said that the quail is one of the birds plant eaters and animals ranging in length between 11-20 cm and the distance between its wings ranging from 30-37 cm and weight of quail ranges between 70-140 kg, the colors of quail feathers between brown and black, white and blue.Maximum speed that fly-by quail up to 24 km per hour between 3-5 years old and the average, quail spends most of his time alone or in the company of one pair of quail at the time of mating, it is common at the time of mating to see large flocks of quail up to number about 1,000 birds Samman, and quail are not inclined to immigration and prefer to stay in the same area in which they live.
Quail basic food plants, feeding on seeds, wheat, barley, fruits and flowers, but also eat insects such as worms and grasshoppers, and states that 95% of the diet of quail consists of plant material.